Multiple Teams · Chalk Talk: Back-to-Back Shut-out Wins for the Desoto Dragons Football Team

Coach Johnson, Head DHS Football Coach
Coach Johnson, Head DHS Football Coach

On Friday the 25th, the Dragons Varsity football team played Bishop DuBourg and won by a score of 38-0. The team continued with the same intensity into their next game against Windsor with a 35-0 win. I had the chance to ask Coach Johnson a few questions:

Q: How did the team feel after their big win at DuBourg?

Coach: Being able to go on the road and win is always a good thing. It’s not always easy to do since your routine is different, the locker rooms are different, the fields are different.  I’ll take any road win we ever have because I know it can be more difficult. As far as how they felt, I think it just felt good to get the first win of the year and get the bad taste loss from Perryville out of our mouths. We had a good week of practice, so I think they could tell they played better in a lot of areas.

Q: How did they use that energy to get another big win over Windsor?

Coach: I believe the guys felt good about what Windsor looked like on film, so for them it was going out and playing well and letting the good things happen. Sometimes you press a little when things aren’t going great, but I felt like they stay relaxed and continue to play hard and it went from a 0-0 end of the 1st quarter score to a 28-0 halftime lead. We definitely have a younger bunch of guys, so sometimes being patient and letting the game happen can be difficult, but I was proud of how hard they continued to play and how things really turned around for us to take a commanding lead. I hope everyone will come out this week for a home game against North County and see what kind of a team we have this year. It’s one to be proud of and come watch play.


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