Boys Junior Varsity Soccer, Boys Varsity Soccer · Chalk Talk with Coach Reiser

Coach Reiser and Shaun Brooks (11)
Coach Reiser and Shaun Brooks (11)


I had the chance to interview Boys Soccer Coach, Nate Reiser, about his past experiences with the sport:

Q: At what level did you play soccer at? And how did you use your past experiences playing soccer to help with your coaching?


A: I played college soccer at York College in York, NE. It was in NAIA. I began playing at age 6. I had some coaches that were just parents, but I also had some that knew the game. I listened to both. Sometimes a dad of one of my teammates was able to describe the game in a way that helped me understand. I think being immersed in the game helped my coaching. Growing up, I played the game, but I also watched top players on TV, watched videos on skills, and studied other teams when they practiced. I still go to a soccer complex and watch 3-4 teams workout to learn new drills and ways to teach.

Thank you Coach Reiser for letting me talk to you and good luck to the soccer team this season!

Student Journalist,

Madalyn Bone