Multiple Teams · What’s Trending: This Year is West’s Year

Off season training for future sports are beginning now. Pre season training helps you get in shape and helps coaches get a head start of whom is possibly coming out for the season. Boy’s Basketball pre season started last week. In hearing about pre season, former DHS boys basketball player, Brenden Kirby tweeted


“Hope no one is sleeping on @Austin_West 28 this year… kid is the real deal!!! Gonna have a breakout year!!!“


Austin West is a senior and has played basketball since his 8th grade year. He has been on varsity since freshman year and with his high dedication and amazing athleticism, there is no doubt he will be on varsity another year. He started every game his junior year. West is the prime example that if you put in extra work, you can be successful. We all wish him luck during preseason training and we can’t wait to see him out there on the court this year. IMG_4430