Dragons News · Chalk Talk: Wrestling Cheerleaders


The wrestling cheerleaders have been cheering the wrestling team onto many victories. They always complete very impressive stunts and wow the crowd. I asked Coach Roop a few questions about this season and this is what she had to say.


Q: Describe your organization of a typical practice?

A: We always start with a warm up, then we alternate working stretches and stretches, then technique conditioning, then we run through our conditioning for jumps, kicks and tumbling. We then go over any dances we are currently working on, then teach/perfect cheers, then I try to leave about an hour or more depending on how fast we get through conditioning for practicing stunts.

Q: What are your coaching goals?

A: Coming from a competitive athletic background my goals are always to continue to challenge my athletes and push them to their full potential.

Q: What are your goals for this season?

A:  I always like to challenge our abilities by taking our stunts and tumbling incorp a step further in the Spring, since they all have that prior knowledge coming from Football season. We complicate the floor cheers a step further and try to showcase the team’s abilities throughout. I think this time of year there is a lot of illnesses and just a lower energy with the winter wear out that is common in all Winter sports, so a goal I set is to try to find ways to lessen the burnout and try to really make the most of the time we have by not scheduling anything that isn’t necessary for our success as a team.

Student Journalist,

Madalyn Bone