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Dragons News · Chalk Talk: Wrestlers Take on State

This season the varsity wrestling team had 5 wrestlers go onto state: Devin Francis (11), Connor Zimmermann (10), Logan Zimmerman (11), Cole Watson (11), and Landon Porter (10). Landon Porter took 2nd place at the State Championships this past weekend. I got the chance to speak to Coach Brown before they left for state and this is what he had to say:

Q: What are your expectations for your wrestlers going onto state?
A: We (the coaching staff) expect the wrestlers to leave it all out on the mat. This is where upsets happen. This is where the wrestler who wants it more will win and we want our wrestlers to want it more.

Q: What do your wrestlers do from now onto state to prepare themselves?
A: ​At this point, they have trained all season for this. Any bad habits are not likely going to change, and they already have a good game plan. So from the end of districts to the point they set foot on the mat for their first match at state, we just want to keep them in good shape, and ease their mind a bit. That’s how we maximize their potential for winning.​

Q: What is going to be there biggest challenge at state?​
A: Their biggest challenge is overcoming the nerves and the fear of the guy they are wrestling. Sure, there are some incredibly talented and athletic wrestlers at state, but anyone can be beat. The greatest challenge is getting them to believe that.

Student Journalist, 

Madalyn Bone