Dragons News · Chalk Talk: Girls Track Underway

Track season began last Monday, February 26. With practices underway and the team working toward many goals, I got the chance the speak to Coach Frank about the girls track team.

Q: What are you most excited about this season?

A: Seeing the kids improve on and off the track. Getting back with the track family and trying to get started moving towards our goals.  Working with amazing coaches and athletes.

Q: What are your team goals for this season?

A: To maintain a fun team environment, make my athletes better people first, to win 4 invitations and compete for a JCAA conference title, and a district title. In addition we have goals to break school records in at least 3 events, and to have more state qualifiers and certainly more All-state performances. We also are looking to have a very competitive JV team this year as well.

Q: During these first few couple weeks of practice what are the girls main focus to work on?

A: This is a difficult questions because it is different for all of the different events and even within those events it is different for each kid based on what their off season looked like, experience, and ability level. General rule or thought would be to get into shape, and start working on the little things that will be huge down the stretch of a season. Work on building relationships with other team members, chemistry in handoffs, learn terminology, race strategies, etc. For some kids the first couple weeks will be spent finding what they are good at, what they like, and where they can help the team. For others it will be a review of skills we should have an idea for to build up to take the next step. It is during this time that the team finds an identity and figures out who its leaders are and who the new studs are going to be.

Simply put I want our kids focused on getting better; one rep, one throw, one run, one jump, one exercise, and one coachable moment at a time. Our motto this year is back to an old sane for us ‘happy not satisfied’. This means be happy when we do something well but stay hungry for more.


Good luck to the girls track team this season! Can’t wait to see all the things you girls accomplish!

Student Journalist,

Madalyn Bone