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varsity golf · Chalk Talk: Varsity Golf


The golf season is here in full force. They have already started competing in many meets. The weather has been playing a huge factor in this season so I received the chance to speak to Coach Hammond about this season and his team.


Q: How would you say your season has started off?

A: The season has been off to a slow-cold start.  Weather has been less than ideal for playing golf this year.  Our first tournament of the season, the golfers had to tee off when it was twenty-seven degrees outside. We started off losing all of our matches, but as the weather starts to warm-up, our play has been getting better.  Our number 1 and 2 golfer are starting to shoot closer to their averages from last year.

Q: What is something that your team needs to improve on?

A: Something we need to work on is mental toughness.  We have let the poor weather conditions affect our scores as well as bad shots.  Our golfers will need to shake-off bad shots and continue playing with a clear head.

Q: What is the biggest challenge your team faces this golf season?

A: The biggest challenge the golfers are going to face are themselves.  It all goes back to being mentally tough. My Varsity players are all capable of shooting lower scores than what they have shot this year. Moving forward, they will have to take each match one stroke at a time.

Good luck to the golf team this season!

Student Journalist,

Madalyn Bone