Dragons News · All About Seniors!

This week many of our De Soto seniors are celebrating their senior nights. Most of these athletes have been playing these sports their whole High School career. We talked to seniors from every fall sport about some of their last De Soto home games with their teams.

Soccer Senior, Clayton Patterson told us, “I’ve played sports all of my life, so it’s pretty sad that it’s almost over. I’m going to leave everything on the field and show my school and my town what our team can do. It’s going to be sad but I’m proud of the man and athlete that I have become.”

We talked to Senior Cheerleaders, Kaleb Bolen, and Bekah Hardin. Kaleb told us this about his senior night, “I have waited all season for this. I think it will be cool to recognize our seniors, and I’m excited to walk on the field with my mom.” Bekah told us, “I think a lot of us have looked forward to this night. It’s weird that I’ve seen senior nights throughout my years at High School and now I’m having my own. It’s exciting and sad.”

“It was amazing to play De Soto softball for all four years,” Senior softball player Julia Huddleston told us. “I loved watching the team progress and making countless memories with the girls.”

Jewell Kohler had the following  to say about her Senior Cross Country season: “Cross Country has changed me as a person. It has made me more mentally tough, and Coach Young has shaped all of us to have a more positive outlook whether it is in life or Cross Country. I have met some of my closest friends from being on this team. It’s bittersweet that it’s my last year because I have watched our team grow so much from my Sophomore year and I’m glad to be part of such a great sport.”

Emily Bielicke was volleyball’s only Senior this season. She said that this season was really special to her. She loved getting to see her team get closer and become a family in her four years here. She will never forget her days as a De Soto Dragon Volleyball player and will always hold these times close to her.

Senior Football player Cole Watson, said “It’s weird being a senior. Sometimes we would look to blame others out on the field when we have mess ups, but as seniors we have to take the responsibility for how the season goes”.

The football team also has two very important seniors that make everything fall in place. Calissta and Alexus Degonia are the managers for the Dragon football team. They stated that they love managing because they can see how much the team accomplishes and how their hard work pays off. They feel very lucky to have watched the guys grow as athletes.

De Soto High School is sad to see these Dragon athletes go, but we can’t wait to see what   they accomplish in the future. Thank you for all the dedication you have given to De Soto athletics, you have made history for these programs that will carry on.  Good luck to all our Seniors on the rest of their seasons, you will be greatly missed.

Sending Love to our Seniors, Jess & Emily