Dragons News · Through the Eyes of a Dragon Fan

De Soto, Missouri is a small town, but a home to many. Lots of people here have gone through the De Soto School District, or are currently going through it. One thing that brings our town together is De Soto High School sporting events. It might be under the Friday night lights, cheering on our Dragon football team. It might be watching the dirt fly on the softball field, cheering on our Lady Dragons Softball team. You might be on the edge of your seat as the De Soto boys soccer team gets close to the goal to score. You might be anticipating the results of the Cross Country races on Saturdays. You might be watching with pride as the Cheerleaders show their Dragon spirit. You might be watching the dance team bust a move under the Friday night lights. Maybe you’re watching the Volleyball team huddle and cheer after they won a set. Dragon athletics can bring our town together when we need it most, and we are very thankful for all of our Dragon athletes.

We would like to send a thank you to our De Soto High School Cheerleaders. They stayed positive even when our team was losing. They kept going and cheering even when the fans were sitting down while they were yelling, “Stand up, be proud, say your name out loud.” Our cheerleaders kept us pumped up when we were doubting our team. Our Cheerleaders stood out in the cold and rain to cheer on our football team. Thank you, Cheerleaders! We are very grateful for your school spirit and dedication to our teams.

We would like to send a shoutout to the Dragon Dance Team. They worked for hours each day to learn a new routine for the halftime show at home games while also learning competition routines. They always provided entertainment for us and helped lighten the mood when we were losing, or they made us even more excited for the second half when we were winning. Thank you all for going out there with smiles on your faces and dancing your heart out. We are very thankful to have such dedicated dancers. Thank you, DHS Dance Team!

One more shoutout to our DHS Dragon Pride Marching Band. They also have worked very hard for many hours to put on a show for us. They have performed before, during, and after all home football games while also putting on a halftime show. They went to competitions and always did well. They worked after school into late hours of the night just to make sure their performances were great for our entertainment, and their competitions. So, thank you to our wonderful marching band for always cheering on our teams and giving us the entertainment of your music.

This year our Lady Dragons Softball team(16-11) had an impressive season. A highlight of their season was when they upset Festus. Festus was the favorite to win, but our Lady Dragons went out on the field and impressed. Not only did the girls win against one of our rivals, but they won 12-3. This was a very proud moment for the softball team. Head softball Coach Chris Woelich told us, ” I felt like the girls were very relaxed and very stress-free.  The energy and excitement were just pouring out of the dugout.  It was such a fun game and you could just feel the passion and drive to win.  I did not tell anyone but I had a feeling that we were going to win before the game even started. We made a great memory that night.” Junior, Sarah Bone, told us, “During the game everyone’s energy was so high and the excitement was unreal. It all carried out onto the field. It was a good team win.”

Our Boys Soccer team(10-9) also had a great year. A big moment of their season was beating Hillsboro 6-5 in the Hillsboro tournament. “It’s been a long time,” said Senior Captain, Nick Reiser, on their win against Hillsboro. Senior Manager, Macie Wills, told us, “That game was the best moment of the year and, it was on Homecoming Day which made it so much better.” Head Coach Nate Reiser told us, “The game was back and forth. Anytime we play against Hillsboro we have more energy. It was a well-played game by our offense and defense. It was a good game.”

The De Soto Volleyball team(13-19) had a good season as well. The highlight of their season was when they placed second out of thirty-four teams in the SEMO Tournament. They went 7-1 at that tournament. They played really well together during that tournament. “It was great bonding for the team. It was an overnight tournament so we got to spend a lot of bonding time,” says head Coach Lindsey Brinkman. “It was a long day in which we all worked hard but played as a team and our hard work paid off,” said Junior Volleyball player, Amy Reiser.

Our Dragon Football Team(5-5) also had an outstanding year. The biggest moment this season was a long time coming. After eight long years and eleven games, the De Soto Dragons beat the losing streak against the Hillsboro Hawks. Players, coaches, and fans were overwhelmed with emotions during this game. Most of them were crying tears of joy and couldn’t stop smiling. “The Hillsboro game is one I’ll always remember,” said Junior quarterback, Briar Fischer. “The atmosphere was absolutely incredible.” Defensive coordinator Coach Mike Genge told us, “There was an extreme wave of emotions, relief, joy, pride, happiness. Huge sense of accomplishment to finally take that step. It was definitely one of the top nights of my career to date.”

Cross Country had a huge season. The Lady Dragons Cross Country team accomplished so much this year. Our girls won districts and went to state. This was a huge accomplishment for these girls and their coaches. A week after they won districts, they raced in the State Tournament. Our girls Cross Country team placed fourth overall. Varsity runner, freshman Kayla Vogelsang ran at state on her birthday. “I didn’t think about it being my birthday until after it was all over,” Kayla told us. “It was exciting but nerve-racking,” she continued. Coach Aaron Young had this to say about the tournament: “It was a great ending to a fantastic season. I couldn’t be more proud. I can’t wait to continue their hard work into Track season.” Coach Young would also like to give a shoutout to Jeff, the beloved State trophy. Follow Jeff and the Cross Country team on Instagram @desotoxc.

Thank you so much to all of our amazing athletes and coaches for the hard work and dedication. We are very proud of all of you and very grateful that we have been able to be there with you during all of these accomplishments. We are so very proud to be a Dragon. Once a Dragon, always a Dragon.

With Dragon Pride,

Jess and Em