Dragons News · Tips and Tricks for Athletes During Finals

Being a student athlete can be difficult, especially during finals week. We talked to some of our athletes about how they juggle athletics and education during finals.

Wrestling junior, Kameren Brooks, had this to say about handling wrestling and finals: “Study after practice whenever you can. Study hard and pay as much attention in class as you can.”

Mr. Daniels gave us these tips on preparing for finals: “have a well planned schedule, get plenty of sleep, take your stuff to games with you, make sure you’re eating good, and study with your teammates before games or on the bus.”

Sophomore wrestler, Julianna Hunt told us good tips on how not to stress completely. “It’s stressful, but studying on the bus and doing as much as you can ahead of time will help a lot.”

“Relax, chill out,” Senior Ethan Koch told us. “Take a chill pill and don’t stress yourself out too much.”

Mr. Deaton, DHS Athletics Director, gives us this reminder: “Study hard and manage your time.”

Senior, Emily Smith, gave us advice on education-based websites that help her with her study habits. “Use quizlet and kahoot as much as you can. You can do quizlet on your phone, so you can do that on the bus. Make sure to get enough sleep.”

Good luck to everyone on their finals week! You can do it!!!

With Dragon Pride, Jess and Emily