Dragons News · Dancing Through the Year

This week we talked to Senior Dance captain, Samantha Heimos, and Junior Co-Captain, Shelby Bourisaw about their season and what they look forward to.

Samantha told us, “Dance has impacted my high school career by helping me create many friendships and teaching me life lessons. For the rest of this dance season, I look forward to performing our competition dances. We’ve worked so hard on them. I also look forward to finishing my last dance season with my best friends.”

“It gave me a lot of friends that aren’t in my grade,” Shelby said about the closeness of the team. “I’m excited for the rest of the season because even though there is a lot of Freshmen, we’re all really close. I think we’re going to do good at competition. I’m excited for it.”

With Dragon Pride,

Jess and Em