Dragons News · “Seniors, Seniors, Are You Ready?”

This week we want to recognize our DHS Wrestling Cheerleaders. They put in lots of hard work and dedication to keep our wrestlers feeling positive during their matches.

Michael Bowling and Dalton Mesey agree that their senior cheer season was enjoyable and memorable because of their many teammates.

Kory Herget said, “It gave me a lot of friends. The other guys and I have gotten so close over the years and have a great bond even outside of cheer.”

“I’ll miss cheer,” Baleigh Gibbs told us. “I have a lot of friendships from cheering. My last season was definitely the best.”

Bekah Hardin told us this, “It was fun. All the seniors got so close this year.”

Hayley Doan had this to say, “Cheer brought us all together. Cheer gave me friends that will last a lifetime.”

Desiree Schraemeyer says, “It was such a fun way to make friends. It helped me break out of my shell.”

Taylor Casey told us, “I loved making so many memories with my friends.”

Chloe Neumann said, “Knowing all these people is amazing. We were together all the time, so we were always entertaining each other.”

Congratulations to all of our wrestling cheerleaders on a successful season! We cannot wait to see your next step in life!

With Dragon Pride, Jess & Emily