Dragons News · From Backflips to Takedowns – Jaycee Foeller

Junior Jaycee Foeller is very active at DHS. She goes from cheering on our football team under the Friday Night Lights to dominating the competition in wrestling. She also helps teach and motivate her peers, whether it’s teaching them a backflip in cheer or a proper takedown in wrestling. Jaycee is going to be defending her state title in wrestling this weekend. We talked to some people close to her to prove that Jaycee is a great athlete, but an even better person.

Jaycee has been cheering ever since she was a little girl and has wrestled since she was in eighth grade. She says that the transition from wrestling to cheer isn’t very big for her cause she was doing both at the same time. “Slowly I became more motivated towards wrestling than I did cheer which led me to quit competitive cheer,” Foeller told us. We asked her how she tries to help motivate her teammates. Foeller responded with, “I honestly just want to be encouraging. It’s very hard at times but you have to look at the bright side of things. I try to be as positive as possible, but everyone has their days where they are in a funk.” Foeller told us that she doesn’t remember how she got into cheer. “It’s one of those things I have always been a part of.” When asked how she started wrestling, she said, “Wrestling was kind of one of those things where I was like, I’m gonna do it because you told me not to with my dad.”

We talked to junior, Kiley Roth on how Jaycee has helped her out in cheer. “She’s given me a lot of motivation to keep going,” Roth told us.

“Jaycee was the main reason I came out for wrestling,” sophomore, Riley Coleman said about Jaycee helping her during her first year of wrestling. “I gave it some thought but she really inspired me to wrestle this year. I talked to her before some meets and she always had the best words, telling me to wrestle and do my best. I could always go to her and ask for help. Jaycee is a great teammate and motivator. I couldn’t have had a better person to wrestle in practice.”

Junior, Juliana Hunt, does cheer and wrestling with Foeller. “Jaycee is one of my best friends. She is the reason I decided to start wrestling last year. She is a great captain. During hard practices she tries to keep us working and wants everyone on the team to be their best. She hypes us up before difficult matches and checks on us after tough losses. I’m very thankful to have her on the team…and her racking up the team points is also nice,” Hunt told us.

Junior, Isabella Hartwell, had this to say about her teammate and friend. “She is the reason I started, She’s the one that told me to wrestle. She has invited me to go to extra clubs with her, we work out together, she helps me enjoy it a lot more.”

Jaycee’s little brother, Freshman, Asa Foeller, is another person who is motivated by her. He explained that his sister is there to help motivate him and tells him how to do things correctly.

Congratulations to Jaycee on making it to state again. Good luck to Jaycee and our other wrestlers at state this weekend!